EC3 signs contract with ROH

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EC3 signs contract with ROH

In the last month of April 2020, the WWE as you all know by now had to put their hands on their rosters and their offices, going to release and fire several of its employees, from wrestlers to road agents, passing through the workers who assemble and disassemble the ring and arenas, down to the simple employees of the Stamford offices.

This maneuver had in fact been required by the situation linked to the world pandemic, which had blocked all the WWE live shows, not allowing the public to actively take part in the shows, but only allowing them to appear on video, thanks to the ThunderDome strongly desired by the WWE itself.

Among the list of great personalities released by WWE, there was also EC3, former TNA world champion and former 4 times 24/7 Champion of the Stamford-based company, who never found the right space in the McMahon rings, coming in fact released as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

After a few brief appearances in the rings of various companies, such as ROH itself or Impact Wrestling, EC3 would have decided to settle permanently in the ROH rings, after almost a year as a free agent.

EC3 signs contract with ROH

With this press release, the company of the Sinclair group wanted to formalize their new "purchase", saying: "Ring of Honor is pleased to announce that EC3 has signed a contract with the company.

EC3, which has been one of pro wrestling's h*ttest free agents since the opening of the market last summer, already made a few appearances at ROH last fall. He also announced his return in last week's episode of 'Ring of Honor Wrestling' to confront Jay Briscoe.

EC3 and Briscoe were scheduled to face off in a face-off at Final Battle in December, but the match was later canceled due to EC3's positive COVID-19 test. Recognized as a two-time world champion, EC3 sports one of the best physicists in the sport and is a rising star in our firmament.

EC3 had full narrative control of his character in his time as a free agent. A much darker, more dangerous and intense EC3 has appeared in ROH declaring that he wants to see if his honor of him is real or not. Now that EC3 has made ROH his new home, he will have plenty of time to see if that's true."

ROH is stacking their roster as they continue into 2021. This is an exciting signing because EC3 brings a lot to the table. His intensity and aggressive workrate will also mesh well with the ROH roster.