PCO on Debuting Without His Manager

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PCO on Debuting Without His Manager

PCO is part of the Villain Enterprises. He joined Ring of Honor during a time where they needed new talent the most. At the end of 2018, many top talents left Ring of Honor. ROH did have a fantastic 2018 though. PCO debuted without his manager, D Destro.

On a recent episode of the WINCLY podcast, PCO talked about D Destro and how important Destro was for his character. “He's not part of Villain Enterprises but D Destro is making sure PCO is there for his friends," said PCO.

"He wants the best version of PCO and is going to be working hard to get PCO as much electricity as possible. "We never know when D Destro can show up but it's gonna be a special moment and we'll wait for the perfect fit to introduce D Destro.

Villain Enterprises has so many things to accomplish and so many things to do, but D Destro will be by my side everyday through life. "Don't be surprised if he shows up somewhere. That's all I'm gonna say."

PCO is doing well working as part of the Villain Enterprises, as the members have worked before in the past. He stated that he is quite happy working with them as he already knows them. He said that the chemistry was there before he even began working with the other memebers.