EC3 on Signing With Ring Of Honor


EC3 on Signing With Ring Of Honor

EC3 is a very popular indie wrestler and he recently spoke about joining Ring of Honor. Ring of Honor is one of the most popular indie wrestling promotions in the world. Before the Pandemic and the start of All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor was doing pretty well.

They had talented wrestlers such as Cody Rhodes working for them. Cody Rhodes eventually left ROH to join All Elite Wrestling.

EC3 on Joining Ring of Honor

After the pandemic, ROH has not been doing so well as they couldn’t operate as well as WWE or AEW during the pandemic.

EC3 had a brief stint in WWE. Even though he had a fan base, he could never reach the top of WWE. He was not even placed in any noteworthy feud and even got buried a few times inside WWE. Dean Ambrose, now known as Jon Moxley, had a segment with EC3.

That was probably the only time EC3 got a memorable segment in WWE. EC3 wasn’t happy with how WWE was treating them, it was quite evident. However, he did not join All Elite Wrestling. He instead decided to join ROH, which is currently not a very rich promotion.

EC3 spoke about singing with Ring of Honor in a series of Tweets: “A #message from the #essentialcharacter⁣⁣. ⁣I have agreed to terms with @ringofhonor as my chosen three-letter wrestling company.⁣⁣ #RingOfHonor will provide me the corporate platform required to #free this industry, its competitors, and its fan base from conformity, toxic, groupthink, archaic storytelling, paint-by-number movesets, and banal character development.

“Ring of Honor is aware of this extreme value in a #FreeEC3, and has provided me not only beyond fair #financial compensation but the FREEDOM to push forward #TheNarrative, its #content and most importantly, its ideals: Control, Freedom, Purpose.

“I very much look forward to etching my name amongst (and above) those who built the foundation Ring of Honor, competing with its exceptional roster, finishing what I have started with Jay Brisco, and carrying the #brand forward into the future it deserves.⁣⁣⁣ #ControlYourNarrative⁣⁣ #FreeEC3” Ring of Honor still has a few very noteworthy superstars, however, they couldn’t carry the momentum that they had in 2019.

2019 was probably the best year Ring of Honor ever had and many wrestlers actually believed it was a viable alternative. These days, most former WWE wrestlers join All Elite Wrestling.