Jim Ross on Whether AEW will Work

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Jim Ross on Whether AEW will Work

Jim Ross is a legendary WWE commentator and was in-charge of talent relations backstage. He is a Hall of Famer and runs his own podcast called The Jim Ross Report. On a recent episode of The Jim Ross Report, Ross talked about whether AEW will survive or not.

"I enjoyed the presentation. I thought it was nice. They introduced everybody. It looks like Cody's the guy that's going to ramrod the single [male] wrestlers. The Bucks I'm sure will oversee, to some degree, the tag teams.

And apparently, Brandi Rhodes is going to oversee the women." Ross continued, "So there's a plan coming about and I respect the commitment of the Khan Family. I know that this company is not going to run out of money tomorrow.

They're not going to have a problem getting the ring to the next town. It's all going to work out real well. I'm being facetious here. I'm sure that other talents... this is like recruiting in college [athletics].

When you sign a five-star recruit out of high school, and you sign him early in football, for example, then you find out that one of your star players becomes one of your best recruiters. And others in the star player's world of high school football, graduating, and going to college, they become very interested in what their buddies are doing.

So that's kind of what I see in this scenario, talents who are not happy in one regard, for one reason or the other, usually because of one of the two Cs, and occasionally both of the two Cs, meaning cash and creative, so some of those people I'm sure will be making inroads or inquiring about getting a jersey for the AEW team."