Billy Gunn on AEW Role and Thoughts on Rally

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Billy Gunn on AEW Role and Thoughts on Rally

Billy Gunn is a former WWE superstar who usually wreslted in the mid-cards. He spoke about his position at AEW on the Busted Open Radio. He is currently the only producer that the company has. "I don't know a lot of what's going on," Gunn admitted.

"I know I'm the only producer that they have right now, so my role as of right now is just - agent. I might work a little bit also, I might be talent too, which is okay with me. I mean, I work everywhere else, I might as well work for the company that I work for.

I wish I could answer that. I really don't know, because like I said, this literally just happened this week, so we're still in a process of trying to get things together, so as soon as I know more, then I'll be able to speak on that a little bit more."

He was with his son, Austin at the rally. He shared his thoughts on that as well: "It was exciting because, Austin, my youngest son, was with me and he was sitting there," Gunn explained. "And I'm not really so much watching the stage, I'm watching the people and how excited, and how much they were paying attention, and how much they were in to what was going on.

And I was literally was just smiling the entire time and just going, 'This is gonna be awesome. This is going to be a lot of fun. This is why I got in the business in the first place.' And it was just exciting, one, to sit there with Austin and share what's going on, because he's in the business, actually.

"And it's cool to tell him, of course being my son, he's been in this business forever, his whole life, but its fun to tell him, to let understand, and point out certain things that I wouldn't normally get to do is understating what's going on.

The gravity of what's happening. This startup company that's going to be great. And to see the people, and everybody around, and everybody backstage was awesome. Everybody's just super excited about this, which they should be."