PCO on MLW’s Reaction on Him Leaving for ROH

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PCO on MLW’s Reaction on Him Leaving for ROH

PCO is a wrestling veteran who signed with Ring of Honor after spending nearly 2 years wrestling in the indie circuit. He was previously working for Major League Wrestling before joining ROH. He talked about MLW’s reaction when they heard he was leaving them for ROH on the WINCLY podcast.

MLW lost a very big star in PCO. The promotion hasn’t got any big names to help them grow. This is what PCO said about them: "I think they understood that and took it alright," said PCO. "It was a hard blow for them but they know the name of the game of being offered a contract vs.

being paid on a per-night deal. "They would have liked me to do the Thursday show, but without having my visa, there was no way I could take that chance." He talked about his issue about not having a Visa and a dispute over a flight ticket that he never used.

"I don't know if they felt that they lost a plane ticket, which I doubt, because when you're a big company like that you've gotta have insurance," PCO said of MLW. "But if they can prove it to me and there's a few dollars involved, I'll make sure [to reimburse]. For the rest, there was nothing I could do."