WOW Owner to Open Wrestling School and Offer Health Insurance

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WOW Owner to Open Wrestling School and Offer Health Insurance

An all women wrestling promotion by the name of Women of Wrestling is making a comeback. This is partly due to the women’s evolution taking place in the WWE and the rise of popular wrestlers such as Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey.

Women’s wrestling is taken much more seriously these days. David McLane co-owns Women of Wrestling. He was also the founder of The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion which started in the 1980s. McLane was on a media call with Wrestling Inc.

recently, where he talked about offering insurance to his wrestlers. "Each of our wrestlers has already and always been insured," stated McLane. "Unlike any other wrestling organization, we have full coverage for the talent if they get injured and many of the performers appreciate that and say thank you to Jeanie Buss (co-owner) for that."

"We already do it and we've done it from day one due to Jeanie's concerns to make sure that the talent is protected," stated McLane. McLane also stated that he will open up an all women wrestling school in the near future.

"Tessa Blanchard and our trainer Selina Majors are opening the first-ever all-female wrestling training school in Long Beach, California. So there is a dedicated place for women to learn this craft and art," said McLane.