Tracy Williams Wishes To Fight Samoa Joe in Ring Of Honor

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Tracy Williams Wishes To Fight Samoa Joe in Ring Of Honor

Tracy Williams is a famous ROH superstar and currently holds one-half of the tag team titles, and he recently spoke about wanting to fight Samoa Joe inside Ring Of Honor. ROH started hosting shows inside an empty arena since the pandemic started.

According to Williams, ROH will not return to hosting shows in front of a live crowd anytime soon.

Tracy Williams Wishes To Fight Samoa Joe inside Ring of Honor

“I think my take on it is as long as it’s done in a responsible way, it’s going to be great,” Williams said.

“I would just hope that when we are ready to have a crowd we’re able to have a crowd that feels like a Ring of Honor crowd. “I think we’ve all gotten used to the way we’re doing it now, tapings with no crowd, that we’re chomping at the bit for that real crowd-wrestler interaction experience.

I think once we get to a point we can do that safely. I think we’re getting there. I got the second shot of the vaccination. That’s a big step personally”. Williams is a member of The Foundation and he recently re-signed with the company.

He is one of the talents that has currently been under ROH lock-down as they will try to get back the momentum that they had lost ever since the pandemic started. According to Williams, Samoa Joe will make an instant impact if he decides to join ROH to battle him in the ring.

“Everybody said it when it happened, but the first guy you think of is Samoa Joe,” Tracy Williams said. “I watched Ring of Honor for a long time. He is the kind of wrestler who got it done in the ring and his actions speak for him.

He is a man of strong worth, but he is also in-ring one of the best wrestlers you’ve ever seen. That’s what got him to the top was that presence and legit cred as a wrestler. He is and would be a perfect fit for Ring of Honor.

But that’s up to the man. Overall it sucks to see that [ release] happen, especially under these circumstances. We’re still in the midst of a pandemic. I think [him coming in] would be incredible and a test I would love to take on if the opportunity presented itself”.