Tenille Dashwood’s Health Update

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Tenille Dashwood’s Health Update

Tennille Dashwood, known as Emma in the WWE, has been out of action for quite a long time. She is a Ring of Honor superstar and had to get her shoulder repaired through a surgery. She was also suffering from an autoimmune disease.

She gave up update about her health on Instagram. Here it is: "Sometimes you really do have to take a step backwards (or many) to move forwards! I've spent the past few months focusing on being happy and healthy! I spent time with my family and friends and traveled.

These things make me happy! I've rehabbed my shoulder diligently & implemented new eating habits (with a few exceptions over the holidays) to get my skin condition (psoriasis) & health better. Now look at me! Almost fully healed through diet!

"What we put in our bodies really makes a difference. I haven't been in a gym in 3.5 months & surprisingly I feel pretty good (especially with some good hotel lighting ??). I worried myself at times that I was taking too much time off, like time was running out & I was falling behind.

Or that the new ways of eating were wrong because they were different to any other diet I had known before. I constantly put pressure on myself for all the things I thought I should be doing or that I hadn't done yet. Then I realized I was already doing everything I could possibly do!

"The reasons I made myself worry and stress were the same reasons why I knew I would get to where I wanted to be eventually," Dashwood said. "It's because I care. Because I'm passionate and driven... Because I want to be the best I can be and I know I won't settle for anything less than that.

So instead, I looked at every negative as a positive. I decided to just accept what was happening to me to learn from it and deal with it as best I could. I'm constantly working on myself not just physically, but mentally.

Reminding myself about the things that make me happy and finding my purpose again!