Eric Bischoff comments on his last stint in WWE

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Eric Bischoff comments on his last stint in WWE

WWE has managed to continue their shows even during the pandemic, which has disrupted the whole world for a very long period of time. Like every other sector, the Stamford-based federation has also suffered the severe consequences of this situation, having been forced to fire numerous people including superstars and professionals behind the scenes.

The latest wave of releases - which took place last week - involved a large number of athletes who played on the NXT roster. It is not excluded that this phenomenon may have a continuation also in the coming months. During the latest edition of the 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff detailed his last stint with WWE in 2019, pointing out how much uncertainty there was each week about the direction the show should take.

Eric Bischoff has been General Manager of Raw for many years

"There were so many indecisions at that time" - began the former Raw general manager. "A few months before my arrival, the agreement with FOX had been formalized.

When I set foot there in July, there was great excitement and I tried to follow that process of change. The most difficult challenge for me was undoubtedly the lack of clarity, we went back and forth all the time. Each week we started with a very specific full, which was followed by a meeting that almost always led to the opposite solution.

Which meant that everything would change again” - Eric Bischoff explained. Bischoff then provided some keys to improve the product: “I firmly believe that a solid structure is the basis for the success of a show.

I'm not criticizing Vince McMahon, no one was as important to the wrestling business as he was. However, each of us needs to evolve at some point, especially when the context around us changes. Now there is AEW who is on the rise and who has a different approach to wrestling.

WWE has to adapt, otherwise you're just throwing shit against the wall in hopes of it sticking." Eric Bischoff has confirmed that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash didn't have creative control in WCW, despite popular belief.

In a recent appearance on the WrestleSlam podcast, Bischoff shot down the rumors that Hall and Nash had creative control in WCW. "Hall and Nash didn't have creative control," Bischoff said. "To clarify, they did have language in their agreement that gave them 'meaningful consultation.'

Meaning they were guaranteed to have a conversation with me, and it would have been a meaningful conversation. But meaningful conversation and creative control are two different things. They did not have creative control."