WWE cuts several executive roles from the company

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WWE cuts several executive roles from the company

In the past couple of months, WWE has been back to smashing its ax of layoffs, starting first on the main roster, eliminating contracts from the likes of Bo Dallas, Samoa Joe, the IIconics, Mickie James and many more and then moving to NXT, with numerous other young athletes eliminated over the past few weeks, including Alexander Wolfe and Velveteen Dream.

In all this, however, three or four leaders of the federation also found space, including Mark Carrano, the architect of sending the private objects of the Superstars in some garbage bags, with such a fact that it caused a scandal when it reached the port of Mickie James after her release.

Apparently, however, the WWE would not have ended its series of cuts in this way, going to continue the list of releases even in the past few hours.

WWE seems to want to continue making cuts on its staff

In fact, in the last few hours, further news has emerged regarding the WWE corporate releases, with the latest name coming out of these releases being that of James Wortman, WWE content director, who also wanted to respond to his dismissal.

after 11 years of honorable service. Wortman's name is just the latest in a long list of executives dropped from WWE's organization chart, such as Jay Rosenstock, executive vice president of the company's international side, or Brian Pellegatto, as well as Jayar Donlan Vice President of WWE's Media Group.

After all these releases, Cathy Kelley, the company's interviewer, was also very disappointed, as most of the WWE digital group executives were friends with her. Let's see the tweet posted by James Wortman, about his release: "It wasn't something I expected to say today or any other day, but I'm no longer part of WWE after 11 years.

Thanks to all the friends I made during my stay and to the talents I had the pleasure of working with. It's not a goodbye, it's a 'see you along the way." Patrick Clark Jr., formerly known as Velveteen Dream, was released from WWE on May 20, 2021.

His release came a day after some major WWE NXT releases. In April last year, allegations were made against Clark claiming that he was s*xually harassing underage boys. There were multiple cases of this. The first was made after an explicit photo of Clark was posted on Reddit.

This photo was claimed to be sent to an underage boy. Further allegations came amidst the Speaking Out Movement last year regarding him sending explicit photos of himself to underage boys and girls. This created a lot of controversy and fans asked WWE management to look into the matter.