Finn Balor comments on his feud with The Fiend

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Finn Balor comments on his feud with The Fiend
Finn Balor comments on his feud with The Fiend (Provided by Wrestling World)

One of the very last great feuds that the former NXT Champion Finn Balor had in the main roster rings, is certainly the one he had against The Fiend of the federation, the alter ego of Bray Wyatt when the latter made his sensational debut in that god.

television screens of the federation. After weeks of attacks that came out of nowhere, with The Fiend not letting anyone sleep peacefully, after having also attacked important names like those of Jerry "The King" Lawler or Kurt Angle, in the end, the two athletes clashed in Summerslam 2019 where, in a very short match, which we would dare to call a squash match, the Fiend sensationally beat the prince of darkness, without facepaint for that evening.

Apparently, for the Prince of NXT, this account would still be pending, given that in his last interview, the now-former holder of the absolute title of the yellow show wanted to bring up the past, clamoring for a new continuation of the storyline with the demonic alter ego of Bray Wyatt.

Finn Balor is hoping to return to RAW or SmackDown one day

In his latest speech to the microphones of the Out of Character podcast, Finn Balor explained the situation to reporter Ryan Satin, saying: "I thought it was great.

I felt it was the right thing to do. It was The Fiend's debut and he needed to be strong. Now I think his character is evolving. I think it's one of the most interesting things in the wrestling world to date. I hope he still has many years ahead of him.

I also hope someday to still have a The Prince versus The Fiend. Indeed, I still hope to stage Demon versus The Fiend. I love it so much." As we can see from the latest episodes of Monday Night Raw, at the moment, Bray Wyatt seems to have completely disappeared from the company's plans, with some personal problems that is plaguing the wrestler's private life that could leave him out for a little while longer.

Despite everything, in recent months, fans have complained a lot about the management of the Fiend, especially after the resounding defeat at the hands of Goldberg, when the Hall of Famer snatched his belt as Universal champion in the rings of Saudi Arabia.

We will see when Wyatt returns to the scene and above all where he will bring this very long storyline with Alexa Bliss, which at the moment seems to have stalled for weeks. Speaking on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, Finn Balor made it clear that he sees his long-term future on RAW and SmackDown: “Absolutely, absolutely,” he said.

“I grew up as a wrestling fan watching WWE, and that’s essentially where I want to be performing. I feel like in my last run there I wasn’t doing myself justice and needed to change something. The change was NXT and I needed to figure out who I was again, and I managed to do that to some level, and I am definitely hopeful that a return to RAW or SmackDown will happen in the future”.

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