Booker T on the entrance music of WWE superstars

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Booker T on the entrance music of WWE superstars

Booker T has provided a number of interesting insights since hanging up his boots and stepping into the role of analyst for WWE. During the last edition of his podcast, the two-time Hall of Famer analyzed an aspect that nowadays often takes a back seat, namely superstar entry music.

The former US champion says the Stamford-based company makes little effort to meet the needs of fans and athletes alike. Booker praised Shinsuke Nakamura's music, calling it one of the few to capture the imagination of the entire WWE Universe.

Booker T is a 15-time world tag team champion

“I think WWE doesn't give enough importance to entry music at this historic moment. I think it's a much more relevant aspect than people realize. Obviously, this is my idea and my point of view.

The entrance music is very important and must not be casual, but must convey certain emotions to the fans,” explained Booker T. “The first time I heard the music of Stone Cold Steve Austin, I felt a chill inside me.

Seeing him enter the scene was one of the biggest attractions for the audience, even superior to the match going often," he added. Jim Johnston was the official WWE composer for a long time, having created hit music from the 1980s until his release in 2017.

“I felt a great responsibility, it was as if a part of those kids' careers and success was in my hands. I'm sorry to be brutal, but I have to say that the music that is now in WWE and AEW is mediocre and often has nothing to do with the characters.

I think it is also for this reason that there are fewer icons nowadays," said Johnston. Not even the newborn All Elite Wrestling seems willing to take a change of pace in this sense. Stone Cold Steve Austin disagreed with WWE legend Booker T's claim to be one of the best wrestlers at the start of the latter's career.

"Well, he (Regal) had an issue with me saying I'm one of the top five workers in the world," Booker T said. "Lot of guys, you know, Stone Cold Steve Austin, he brought that up. A lot of guys (got) rubbed the wrong way, I think, in the locker room.

Me being a brash, young guy saying I was one of the top five workers in the world at that time and hadn't won a world title yet. Well, I had won tag team gold but I hadn't won singles gold or anything like that. I still was saying I was one of the top five workers in the world."