CM Punk decides to have some fun at the expense of John Cena

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CM Punk decides to have some fun at the expense of John Cena

Two of the most recognizable characters of WWE's last few years, whose names are often recalled by fans of the WWE Universe, are those of CM Punk and John Cena. If for the latter it is only a matter of time before seeing him again in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, for the latter instead, the thing is much more difficult.

After leaving the WWE in the middle of an episode of Monday Night Raw, to never return to the schedules of the federation, Punk would have completely withdrawn from the world of struggled pro-wrestling, trying to break through the UFC octagon first, in a terrible way, however, and then devoting himself to other projects in his life, such as dubbing or writing the dialogues of some important comics.

For now, for CM Punk, the love for pro-wrestling seems to have ended, which had also led him to be one of the longest-lived WWE champions of the last years of federation.

John Cena received major backlash from people in China

Recently, John Cena had to record a video in Chinese, in which he apologized to the Asian country and its inhabitants, for having mistakenly confused Taiwan, for a nation in its own right.

As we all know, in fact, Taiwan is one of the territories of the People's Republic of China, with Cena referring to this place, in one of his latest interviews he said "Taiwan will be the first nation to see Fast & Furious 9 film globally" Obviously after uttering these words, the WWE multi-world champion would have been attacked by all the Chinese media, with the leader of the Chain Gang who then immediately wanted to apologize with a long message said in Chinese.

CM Punk's rivalry with John Cena in 2011 was a very memorable affair. The feud also gave birth to the infamous Pipebomb promo from The Voice of the Voiceless. The two stars had their long-awaited match for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank which fell on the day CM Punk's contract with WWE was set to expire.

The match received a lot of praise from fans and critics. The image of Punk leaving the arena with the title is considered to be one of the iconic moments in WWE history. Punk himself was called out by several wrestling fans a couple of weeks ago after he referred to Africa as a country.

The former WWE Superstar was responding to a fan who asked him which country he'd love to wrestle in during one of his Q&A sessions on Twitter.