Jimmy Smith on Joining WWE and Skepticism from WWE Fans

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Jimmy Smith on Joining WWE and Skepticism from WWE Fans

Jimmy Smith will join WWE as a play-by-play commentator. He recently spoke about joining the WWE and the skeptic WWE fans. WWE recently announced that Smith will join WWE next Monday. He will replace Adnan Virk. Jimmy Smith is a former MMA and American Ninja Warrior commentator.

He will commentate alongside Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. He was recently seen training with Michael Cole. Smith wrote on his social media that this will be a new world for him.

Jimmy Smith on Joining the World of Professional Wrestling

“Hey guys, well it’s been a busy day [flushed face emoji].

Apparently, @WWE liked my work so far. I know I’m stepping into a new world (I WAS a Mr. Perfect and Bruiser Brody fanatic, however) but know I’ll do everything I can to honor the athletes and fans. Watch Monday and judge my work for yourself,” Smith wrote.

A fan pointed out that Smith stated in 2019 that he hadn’t watched pro-wrestling since grade school. He also stated that he would only be involved in wrestling again if he was given the role of a manager. He also stated that he wanted to be associated with Chael Sonnen.

Although he received skeptic comments from a lot of WWE fans, he did receive some positive comments from people who have already walked his path. Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald wished Jimmy Smith the best of luck. However, Jim stated that WWE should have given him more time to get acquainted to the world of professional wrestling before making him appear on a WWE TV show.

Varsallone wrote, “A different world, more about entertainment & entertaining. I just hoped WWE would give you more time to prepare before throwing U into the wolves. Getting down the superstar names & knowing the names of moves ultra important.

Getting commands via an earpiece – takes time to adjust”. Over the years, the WWE commentary team has been criticized. In fact, many fans believe that the team of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were the last good commentary team that WWE had.

Many people even believe that Michael Cole was one of the worst commentators that WWE has ever had. Also, WWE hasn’t been very consistent over the past decade at maintaining a good commentary team and went through many shuffles.