Stephanie McMahon Talks About Peacock Move

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Stephanie McMahon Talks About Peacock Move

Stephanie McMahon recently spoke about WWE’s recent move to Peacock. WWE for a really long time only aired its show on TV. They then created the WWE network which also allowed fans to stream some of their shows and even get access to PPV events.

However, with Peacock, they can stream their shows live. Peacock is owned by NBCUniversal. According to reports, WWE’s deal with Peacock is worth around $1 Billion. So far the deal has been positive for both sides. Peacock has reportedly received a lot of signups ever since WWE joined the network.

Stephanie McMahon Talks About Moving to Peacock

Stephanie spoke about the positives and negatives of this move in a LEADERS Business event which was part of leaders week. “From a benefit perspective, it really allows us to focus on what we do best, which really is the content production and the storytelling,” McMahon said.

“It’s consistent that we’re still getting our data. Not as much data so maybe that’s a little bit of a downside there, but when you think about the economics scale and reach and of course, the added value for our fans, our fans were paying $9.99 per month for all of WWE Network.

“And now on Peacock, if they want to continue to pay $9.99, they certainly can for the ad-free model. They also can get all of the additional content across Peacock. And in addition to that, they can also do the $4.99 model, which is the ad-supported model, or there’s even the free model as well.

So it’s added value for our fans, economic scale and reach for WWE and really reaching more people and bringing them into the fold. Besides being the Chief Brand Officer of WWE, Stephanie is also a part-time performer, although her last match in WWE was several years ago.

In her last match, she teamed up with her husband, Triple H to fight the team of Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle. Stephanie McMahon has been heavily involved in the business since she was a teenager and was actually a full-time WWE performer at one point and has also taken up some other roles in the company.

She is also a former General Manager and has managed several superstars during her career. These days, her role is mostly backstage and we rarely see her inside a WWE ring.