Rich Bocchini Speaks About His WWE Gig

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Rich Bocchini Speaks About His WWE Gig

Rich Bocchini recently appeared on Wrestling Inc. to speak about working at WWE. Rich is actually a veteran professional wrestling broadcaster. He is a former WWE Smackdown and NXT announcer. He shared the process that WWE has for all new announcers.

Rich Bocchini on Getting His Announcer Role at WWE

“It was interesting. There is a voiceover room where I spent hours, honestly, calling the same matches over and over and over and over and over and over again,” Bocchini revealed.

“Me, Corey Graves, a lot of times, Matt Bloom and Byron [Saxton] would come in. We’d have the talent come in and call a couple matches just to kind of get a feel for it. Something as simple as ‘oh, wow, I can slow down because now you have to explain something here.’ It gives you a different perspective of it, but to say that there’s somebody there coaching you all day, it’s not like that.

“It’s set up, at least when I was there, Michael Cole was able to video call in, and he can produce you through the headset and kind of work with you, but he only has so many hours in the week as well. It’s not a constant thing.

A lot of it is just trial and error, and then going out there, and doing it and hoping for the best, hoping you figure it out”. When Ranee Young appeared on Wrestling Inc. she too mentioned that the WWE has a very formal training process.

“Well, he wasn’t super hands-on, not when I was there,” Bocchini noted. “He wasn’t at the Performance Center a ton. He was there enough, but it’s not like he was coming in calling matches with me or anything like that.

He’s got a million other things that he’s doing”. The host then asked whether or not Rich was ready for the role when he actually got it in WWE. “No, and I wasn’t ready for NXT because I literally just moved to Florida three days before, so no, I was not ready,” Rich Bocchini admitted.

“When they moved me to SmackDown, I was not ready at all. I even remember saying to Cole, ‘You sure you want to do this? Because I don’t feel like I’m ready yet. I feel like I could be seasoned a little bit more.’ Now that said, if he had just thrown me into the fire at NXT, I wouldn’t have progressed as quickly as I did because I had done indies but I’d never done TV, and it’s completely different”.