Adnan Virk opens up on his WWE release

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Adnan Virk opens up on his WWE release

WWE has made many changes to the Monday Night Raw commentary team over the past few years, and a few weeks ago the company announced that Adnan Virk would take over as the lead announcer for the red brand. Now WWE has confirmed that the run of the new Raw commentator has already come to an end.

In the past few hours, in fact, the WWE has released a statement in which it states that the company and Adnan Virk have agreed to separate by mutual agreement. The company's official note reports the following: “WWE and Adnan Virk have agreed to separate.

WWE thanks Adnan for his work." Now, however, the question is what the future of Raw's commentary table might be.

Adnan Virk is no longer with WWE

Adnan Virk joined the WWE commentary team alongside Corey Graves and Byron Saxton shortly after WrestleMania 37.

He replaced Tom Phillips who was later moved to 205 Live. Corey Graves was moved to Raw by SmackDown to replace Samoa Joe, and Joe was subsequently released. WWE has yet to officially announce Virk's replacement on Monday Night Raw.

And in this sense, there are already several names that are circulating in America, even if none of them has been confirmed by the company. It is reported by 'PWInsider' that, assuming that the WWE management has already made a decision on the new Raw commentator, so far they have decided to keep the name very secret.

However, there is a lot of speculation about Jimmy Smith, former UFC announcer and 'American Ninja Warrior' According to the source, he could be joining the red brand's commentary team, as he has been working hard in recent times to prepare for a major role on WWE shows.

In particular, Smith has mostly focused on NXT in recent weeks. It didn't take long for Adnan Virk to acknowledge his WWE departure on social media. He made a statement roughly 20 minutes after the initial announcement. "Thanks to @WWE for a wonderful opportunity," Virk wrote in a tweet.

"The weekly travel along with my other jobs was a grind for me and my family. Am grateful to everyone with the company especially @WWEGraves and @ByronSaxton for being such fantastic teammates." While Adnan Virk's commentary might not have endeared the former baseball broadcaster to the WWE Universe, it's evident the two men he worked closely with over the last month have enjoyed their time with Virk a great deal.