Reason why Vince McMahon will no longer hire anyone from indies

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Reason why Vince McMahon will no longer hire anyone from indies

One of the lesser-known characters in recent WWE history, but who most contributed to creating the storylines that we later saw on the television screens of the McMahon-owned federation, is Jimmy Jacobs, an independent athlete, who fought for years with many athletes who later landed.

in the Stamford-based rings, who for a long time was also behind the scenes at WWE. Jacobs, in fact, was one of the most important and fundamental writers of the WWE for some years, given that the boy had an excellent relationship with the wrestlers, having met them before arriving in WWE and having also fought with them and therefore knew perfectly what it was.

the style of each of them and you could compare with them openly and in a very direct way. Eventually, in 2017, the boy was ousted from the federation's plans, after posting a photo of the famous "Raw invasion" of the Elite boys, who would later give life to AEW, along with many other characters known to Vince McMahon.

In his latest interview with the TWC Show microphones, Jacobs wanted to state the following words about Vince McMahon and his relationship with the independent world,

The reason why Vince McMahon will no longer hire anyone from Indies

He said, "Yes, I certainly had a certain attitude to the natural storytelling of wrestling.

You know, I was the first wrestler to become a writer there. There were also other guys who first actually fought and then became writers. There were other people with me on the creative team, like Road Dogg or others but they didn't go into detail like me, they didn't really put pen to paper, so I was the first to do it.

Now, it seems like my background in the independent world helped me get to know a lot of guys, we were friends with a lot of them and they trusted me, which was always helpful. It helps to have a relationship with talent where everyone wants to collaborate with you and want your ideas at the same time and yes, all of this has helped me.

But I think that for the same reasons, Vince McMahon will never, ever, ever go to hire another independent wrestler to join the creative team after he fires me, I'm sure." Jimmy Jacobs was best known in WWE for his time as a writer in the creative team.

Currently signed to a contract under IMPACT Wrestling, Jacobs was recently a guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast and discussed several topics involving WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Among other interesting stories, Jacobs revealed a particularly bizarre incident when McMahon compared him to current champion Shinsuke Nakamura.