WWE announces more dates for the crowd's return to stadiums

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WWE announces more dates for the crowd's return to stadiums

The most sensational news we have witnessed in recent days is that WWE will be back on the road from July 16th, starting a very long tour of 25 different cities, where it will return after more than a whole year to bring its product from alive, thus also reopening the doors of its arenas to fans in flesh and blood.

After having created the ThunderDome in different locations so as not to leave the arenas completely empty, as was the case initially at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, WWE has thus given this very happy news to fans all over the world who are already looking forward to having yet another happy announcement, that is to know when WWE will return to travel the world, bringing the most followed wrestling shows in the world to our country.

WWE will once again have live events next month

For the moment, traveling around the world is still very risky as well as counterproductive, so WWE will simply bring back the weekly shows and PPVs, with a live audience, still eliminating live events not captured by the cameras.

Recently, the McMahon-owned federation wanted to confirm three more dates for its 25-city tour, with the following dates and locations: - July 23 - Friday Night Smackdown in Cleveland - July 26 - Monday Night Raw in Kansas City - July 30 - Friday Night Smackdown from Minneapolis.

After confirming only the first three dates, with Smackdown on July 16 from Houston, Money in the Bank on July 18 from Fort North and the episode of Monday Night Raw from Dallas immediately after, WWE confirmed three more dates, reaching share six cities.

At the moment, the Stamford-based federation leadership is still working day and night to bring as many dates as possible into the company's new calendar, which will get bigger and bigger as the pandemic regresses. is working much harder is the new live event director, Adam Pearce, who in addition to having a huge on-screen role, will now also have to deal with the programming of the federation on the road.

PWInsider has revealed that some Superstars are excited about performing in packed venues, while a few others are "cautious" about the number of fans who will pack the venues. Here's an excerpt from the report: "There's a lot of excitement about going back on the road among the talents.

Some are hopeful for bumps from merchandise royalties from live events. Others are being cautious in expectations on how the shows will draw and there is a lot of interest in how the initial shows sell when they go on sale Wednesday, especially Money in the Bank as it's a PPV show."