Kurt Angle recalls an incredible story with Vince McMahon

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Kurt Angle recalls an incredible story with Vince McMahon

In recent weeks and months, Kurt Angle has had a lot of time to talk about the most disparate topics inherent in his long and legendary career, after the release obtained last year by Vince McMahon. After many years of honorable service with the WWE, except for a long juncture also in the TNA rings, the McMahons have however seen fit to release Angle who worked as a road agent, in the huge wave of releases of 2020, hiding behind cuts huge budgets, due to the global pandemic.

Since then, Kurt Angle has done nothing but tell hilarious anecdotes in his personal podcast, in which many well-known faces of the WWE rings have taken part over time, such as Randy Orton, JBL, Mark Henry and many others.

Kurt Angle has been one of the WWE symbols of the last 20 years

In the last episode of his famous Kurt Angle Show, the winner of WWE world titles, TNA as well as a gold medal in Atlanta '96, wanted to tell a very embarrassing situation experienced backstage of the WWE, during a meeting to which he had taken part with Vince McMahon and several other insiders, a few years ago.

Regarding this almost movie scene, Angle revealed: "I was coming out of a very tough event and I went to a meeting and I remember I pulled my pants down, it was one of the production team meetings and Vince was in front of all of us backstage, I was right between Vince and them.

and I pulled my pants down to my ankles and showed Vince all my lower parts. It was all a color between black and blue, I mean my penis, whatever had turned black from the injury. It was due to an abdominal tear, an inguinal tear and a hamstring tear, all three occurred at the same time and the blood had obviously flowed all over the leg and groin."

After telling this yet another embarrassing figure, Kurt Angle still wanted to thank the WWE Chairman, for the support shown on that occasion and in many others, referring to him almost as a second father, despite the numerous disputes that occurred during the years.

Kurt Angle has opened up on how much money he made during his rookie year in WWE. On the latest edition of The Kurt Angle Show on AdFreeShows, the Olympic Gold Medalist revealed he smashed his initial goal. The WWE Hall of Famer stated that he hoped to make one million dollars in his first year in the wrestling business.

At the time, WWE only guaranteed rookies $75,000. During the podcast, Angle explained how he discussed the financial figure with Jim Ross, who sounded unconvinced of Angle's confidence in the number. Angle also revealed that the majority of his earnings that year did not come as a result of merchandise sales.