WWE legend reveals John Cena's reaction to zombies

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WWE legend reveals John Cena's reaction to zombies

John Cena's last fight in WWE dates back to WrestleMania 36 last year. The 16-time world champion battled The Fiend Bray Wyatt in a 'Firefly Fun House match', which generated mixed reviews from both fans and insiders.

The course of the challenge was completely based on Fiend's mental games against the Bostonian, forced to retrace the most important stages of his career through a series of images that appeared before his eyes. The Stamford-based federation also made a similar move in the latest pay-per-view, WrestleMania Backlash, with zombies appearing during the 'Lumberjack match' between The Miz and Damian Priest.

The company's intent was also to promote the new film starring Dave Batista, titled 'Army Of The Dead' In recent days, wrestling legend Jim Cornette answered a question from a fan on Twitter, who asked him how Cena would react if he were involved in such a situation.

Jim Cornette on John Cena

“Well, if he had been the first John Cena, he probably would have rolled his eyes in contempt. I'm pretty convinced that - with the passage of time - he has become quite addicted to all the nonsense that WWE does.

We can say that he has got used to us now" - wrote Jim Cornette. “At the same time, I don't think he cares much about the wrestling business at this stage in his life, he has other ambitions. I don't think the mature John Cena would have been mad about the zombie thing” - he added.

According to rumors reported by 'PWInsider', John could make his return to the ring after completing filming on the 'Peacemaker' series (rumored in early July). WWE also announced the imminent resumption of live events, with a 25-city tour that promises to be a breath of fresh air after a hellish year and a half.

The presence of fans in the stands would be an even greater incentive for the now established Hollywood star. John Cena, who began learning Mandarin Chinese a decade ago, made the comment in an interview with Taiwanese broadcaster TVBS earlier this month.

Speaking in Mandarin, Cena said Taiwan would be “the first country” to watch his latest film, Fast & Furious 9. The comment caused a backlash in China, which views self-ruling Taiwan as part of its own territory.

JBL, Cena’s former WWE in-ring rival, took to Twitter to remind people about the charity work that Cena is involved with. He also praised the 44-year-old’s “incredible track record of making the world better”.