Booker T discusses The Undertaker's 'Tombstone Piledriver'

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Booker T discusses The Undertaker's 'Tombstone Piledriver'

Booker T and The Undertaker have faced each other numerous times in WWE during the 2000s, in both single and tag team versions. The 'Deadman' was one of the first wrestlers Booker had a chance to work with after moving from WCW.

Their last fight was staged at SmackDown in 2007, with the 'Phenom' coming out victorious through disqualification of his opponent. The two-time Hall of Famer still shares a very close bond with the Digger, who had the merit of making him feel at home when he married the WWE project.

Taker officially retired from wrestling last year at the Survivor Series, not before receiving an exciting tribute from friends and insiders. During the last episode of his podcast, Booker T was asked by an enthusiast if he was scared when he was faced with the famous 'Tombstone Piledriver'

Booker T on his relationship with The Undertaker

“When you are about to undergo that move, I can't deny that a shiver runs down your spine. You have to be ready to fall on your head, I think it's the scariest sequence there is in the world," confided Booker T.

“I remember working with The Undertaker many times and trying to run the Tombstone Piledriver on him too. It was so damn heavy, every time it was a nightmare for me to make that move safely,” he added. According to the former US champion, WWE should invest more in the potential of an NXT athlete.

“I'd like to see Karrion Kross a little more, she should have the chance to work with guys of a certain type. I think he has all the credentials to become one of the symbols of the company in the future. I know he's back from injury, but WWE should have more courage to do so.

It is not the first time that a young boy gets hurt as soon as he is in contention for a title”. WWE legend The Undertaker (real name Mark Calaway) has taken to social media to post a workout picture and a motivational message to his followers.

The 56-year-old officially retired in 2020 after 30 years in WWE and 33 years in the wrestling business. Although his days as an in-ring competitor are now over, the four-time WWE Champion clearly has no plans to slow down his exercise routine.

Posting on Instagram, The Undertaker shared an image of himself lifting a kettlebell outdoors. He also wrote that “the game may be over” for him, but “the grind never ends”.