Chuck Palumbo on Life After Professional Wrestling

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Chuck Palumbo on Life After Professional Wrestling

Chuck Palumbo is a former WCW and WWE Tag Team Champion and he recently spoke about what he has been up to after professional wrestling. Chuck actually fought some of WWE’s best tag teams back in his day. He appeared on Wrestling Inc.

where he spoke about what he is doing currently.

Chuck Palumbo on HIs Career After Professional Wrestling

“I do everything from home renovations to home flips to the car building and the motorcycle building,” Palumbo said.

“So I work with my hands a lot, in the trades. If I’m not working in the shop on a project, then I’m working on a property. Chuck of All Trades on YouTube, that’s my little baby. That’s my little project.

It’s just simple, raw. It just captures me and what I do on a daily basis. Right now, the project I’m working on is a home restoration from a home here in San Diego, built in 1924. “We brought it down to the studs and rebuilt it, and then I built a shop and then a new shop on that property too.

And eventually, next year, we will film another car show, cars and motorcycles inside that shop. So I’m getting that outfitted now for next year, and then we’ll do another show featuring the projects, the cars, the motorcycles [and] anything we decide to build”.

The host then asked Palumbo about his gig on Discovery Channel, where he was the co-host of Lords of the Car Hoards in 2014. “I had a couple different shows on Discovery for a few years, and that was fun. That’s really not the way I would want to do this,” Chuck Palumbo admitted.

“I really want to just keep it raw and show people what I do. I don’t really want to have the, per se, the entertainment side of it brought into it on this. That stuff’s fun, but at the same time, when you’re doing real things, building and stuff like that, and then you bring in the entertainment aspect to it, yes they can be fun, but I think it dilutes what we’re doing.

I want to keep it more real. So we’ll see. If something comes up, I would explore the opportunity, but I just want to share my knowledge and skills with people. Hopefully, people watch it and go, ‘Maybe I’d like to try that.

I’ve been thinking about doing that.’ So if I can inspire a few people, and share my projects and share my talents, that’s fantastic”.