Will Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso face off in Hell In A Cell?

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Will Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso face off in Hell In A Cell?

One of the most important questions in the world of web wrestling at the moment is the one that would like an answer with the name of Roman Reigns' challenger in Hell In A Cell, the next WWE PPV. In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about a rematch with Cesaro and a final showdown with his skeptical cousin Jimmy Uso, not yet convinced he wants to recognize the former Big Dog of the Shield as Tribal Chief.

In the last episodes of SmackDown, we have in fact witnessed how Jimmy has taken it very often and willingly with his brother Jey, guilty of being under the orders of a character who should not command them at all. Roman Reigns, of course, absolutely did not accept everything and the speculations for a match between the two in the infernal PPV have only been increasing hour after hour.

Who will face Roman Reigns?

The answer to this question is still unknown to most and we will only have to wait for the next episodes of the blue show of the Stamford federation to understand it. However, through the famous Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer talked about the possibility of seeing this match, setting it aside definitively according to what the sensations are at the moment.

Here is an excerpt from his words:

"The biggest problem for Roman Reigns at the moment seems to be Jimmy Uso, but we have been told that this match will not take place in Hell In A Cell."

Words that then resize what could have been the ideas of every fan around the world, who certainly expected such a scenario.

Despite this, however, the WWE has often amazed us with its choices and who knows that once again there will be a new sudden change that will allow us to see the two athletes of Samoan origin in the same ring. And in your opinion, who will face Roman Reigns in that of HIAC? Let us know with a comment.