Possible reason for Keith Lee's long absence from WWE rings revealed

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Possible reason for Keith Lee's long absence from WWE rings revealed

One of the many protagonists of the WWE rings who in recent weeks seems to have disappeared into thin air is that Keith Lee, who at the beginning of the year should have won the United States Championship on Monday Night Raw, only to leave this honor to Riddle, who is was designated by the WWE as his replacement, since Lee was unavailable at that time to claim that title.

After seeing the resounding victory of Bobby Lashley, the current WWE Champion, whose US Championship title had indeed been diverted to a lower part of the card, the original plans for the former NXT Champion had also emerged, who should have held that belt and that in the end has instead disappeared into thin air.

After most likely contracting the covid together with his girlfriend, Mia Yim, Keith Lee still disappeared for a long time from the Stamford-based federation's rings, without letting anyone know about him, except for a few tweets where he did not speak about the cause of his absence.

A physical problem keeps Keith Lee out of the WWE scene

To try to give an explanation at least in part of what is happening to the mammoth WWE athlete, absent for months from the McMahon-owned wrestling rings, the usual Wrestling Observer thought about it, who through the words of his latest Newsletter, in fact, stated:

"In summary, apparently Keith Lee has not been declared medically able to return to fighting, but the athlete himself is said to have decided to keep this decision and the reasons for this private."

At the moment, therefore, it seems that a medical problem has stopped Keith Lee from the Stamford-based federation for so long, with Lee himself writing in one of his latest tweets, that in due course he would explain everything to his fans.

"To the people offering uplifting words.... know that I appreciate you greatly. And worry not, when I say #iAmLimitless, I MEAN IT. I will try to find a way to explain everything in the most efficient way possible. Give me just a little more time," Lee said in a tweet posted on 25th May.