What are WWE's plans for the Usos and Roman Reigns?

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What are WWE's plans for the Usos and Roman Reigns?

WWE has already announced a couple of big matches for next week's SmackDown episode. The company's goal is to offer a great show, in order to be ready for a great competition against the NBA playoffs, airing concurrently with the blue show.

And a valid contention for the SmackDown Tag Team Champions title could steal the show. What is dividing the fans, however, is another theme: what will happen at the end of the match to the two challengers, namely Jimmy and Jey Uso? And what about Roman Reigns? And an answer has already arrived, from the mouth of one of the most authoritative insiders in America.

During an airing of his 'Wrestling Observer Radio', Dave Meltzer discussed the SmackDown Tag Team Title match scheduled for next week. The Usos could leave with their belts on, but it is also incredibly likely that a very important angle could arise from the meeting.

With the inevitable involvement of the cousin of the two, the current Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The Usos and Roman Reigns: Something big is boiling in the pot

"Surely we are talking about the birth of a kind of very important angle, which will arise as a consequence of that contention for the tag team title," announced Meltzer.

"Either the Usos will win the titles, or there will be a big angle. In any case, however, a very important new chapter of the storyline with the Tribal Chief will kick off from the match. I am told that no Roman Reigns vs Jimmy Uso match is planned for this pay-per-view, whatever that means.

They told me point blank and with great conviction." "By" this pay-per-view, of course, means Hell in a Cell, which will take place on June 20th. And now all that remains is to understand how things will go in view of Hell in a Cell.

The Usos are back together this week in SmackDown and have defeated the Street Profits. Later, they got the chance to challenge the champions' duo, a milestone that Jimmy celebrated with great joy, unlike Roman Reigns and his brother Jey.

It will therefore take a lot of cohesion to beat the father/son tag team made up of Rey & Dominik Mysterio next week, regaining the SmackDown duo champion titles. But, above all, this match could further stir the waters in the relations of the Samoan family that is dominating the blue show.