Kurt Angle throws feelers about his comeback after John Cena's return

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Kurt Angle throws feelers about his comeback after John Cena's return

One of the biggest matches that Kurt Angle could have had in his "sunset boulevard", was the one that even fans wanted to see at Wrestlemania, between the Atlanta '96 Olympic champion and the leader of the Chain Gang, John Cena, who on the Smackdown rings they had already clashed several times years ago.

After having had a hard time going through it, the two would have very much wanted to close one of the most iconic careers ever, in the world of pro-wrestling, namely that of Angle, with the last fight at Wrestlemania between them, with the contention that somehow it would have come full circle, since John Cena made his debut against Angle, in a long-gone episode of Friday Night Smackdown.

In the end, as we all know, Vince McMahon did not consent to this match, preferring to withdraw Angle in a dispute against Baron Corbin, in that of the Showcase of the Immortals, to the disappointment of everyone, fans and Angle included.

Kurt Angle contemplating return after John Cena?

Apparently, in the last few days, within the WWE talk are said to have begun about returning for John Cena, after announcing the return on the road of the company, after more than a year of shows held indoors, without WWE Universe in the flesh and bones, but only with the help of the ThunderDome panels.

According to what has been revealed by numerous internal sources, then also confirmed by various websites, WWE is preparing one of the most anticipated returns of the last year, namely that of the leader of the Chain Gang, who is now missing from the McMahon television screens since his last meeting.

against Fiend, at Wrestlemania 36, ​​in his historic Firefly Funhouse match. After the online emergence of this news, Kurt Angle also wanted to reopen with a sensational tweet to his return, which at the moment seems to be enclosed between hilarity, teasing and the concrete spoiler.

In his latest tweet posted on the famous social network, Angle wrote: Hearing rumors about @JohnCena going back to @wwe - got me rethinking about my retirement match, like............" With a Jim Carrey GIF accompanying his tweet, Angle thus wanted to leave a window open for his fans, who still would like to see the match against the multi-world champion as the last active contention of Angle and not the match against Baron Corbin.