Paul Heyman takes a stinging dig about Monday Night Raw

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Paul Heyman takes a stinging dig about Monday Night Raw

Paul Heyman is one of WWE's greatest personalities and has made history in his role so much that he is acclaimed by the WWE Universe. We remembered him as the skilled manager of Brock Lesnar, the one who had helped him dominate the company for some time and now as a director he was very important in the growth of Roman Reigns, literally transformed thanks to his help.

The WWE Universal Championship is currently WWE's premier wrestler and since his return last SummerSlam he has only struck success by not only taking the title but paving anyone who got in his way.

Paul Heyman's dig on Raw

Immediately after the Friday Night Smackdown episode, Paul Heyman, co-host along with Kayla Braxton, launched a particular dig in Talking Smack.

Heyman talked about WWE Champion Bobby Lashley's defeat to Kofi Kingston, which caused Heyman to almost mock the red show. Here, in particular, are his statements: "Kayla, did you watch Raw last Monday night?" Then Heyman pushed Kayla to ask him the same question and he commented: "No, I never watch Raw.

Why should I watch Raw? At most I pick up the phone and watch the highlights. I see a couple, then I see Roman Reigns is missing and so I think it's not worth watching Monday Night Raw. Paul Heyman was executive director of Raw, which was appointed in June of 2019, but at some point, he left and returned in these new guises at Smackdown.

Recently, when interviewed by Ariel Helwani on ESPN's microphones, Heyman made the following statements: "Why am I no longer the executive director of Raw? I worked for Vince McMahon for some time in this role, then one day the WWE Chairman decided I shouldn't do that anymore." At the end of the interview, Heyman clarified that relations with Vince McMahon have always remained excellent.