Big Show to the WWE: "Why do you keep getting non-wrestling commentators?"

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Big Show to the WWE: "Why do you keep getting non-wrestling commentators?"

Paul Wight, known for decades as the Big Show in WWE, spent a lot of time with 'Busted Open Radio' to talk about his adventure in AEW and his enthusiasm for working for Tony Khan. Later, however, he focused on a theme introduced by co-presenter Dave LaGreca, who referred to WWE's choice to hire two non-wrestling commentators (Adnan Virk first and Jimmy Smith later) to be the chief commentator.

by Monday Night Raw. "If you've never wrestled before, you won't have a preconceived idea of ​​what's right and what's wrong," Wight said. "Damn, he's the one who pays the bill for everyone.

You can say whatever you want, but that's one of those little things that with Tony are handled differently."

For Big Show the AEW environment is healthier than WWE's

The Tony in question is obviously the Khan who owns the AEW.

On which Paul Wight added: "Tony literally grants talent the chance to burst out and expand. It grants each of us the chance to bring out our best and find our success. At the same time, however, we are not pressured if we make mistakes."

Situations that according to the very experienced athlete, who has lived through so many events in WWE, does not happen in Stamford. "We all make mistakes, that's how we learn. But being able to make a mistake, recognize the mistake and overcome that mistake and moving forward is a very critical step in the career of a performer.

Especially if he is still young, I think. Because sometimes it happens to hold on to something much longer than would be appropriate. And in AEW there is the freedom to admit that you have done so. a mistake, without this being a drama.

It's not like I'll be kicked out or whipped for making a mistake. It's a much more creative environment," the wrestler formerly known as Big Show said.