Austin Gunn: "Vince McMahon was always kicking us to kick us out of the WWE rings"

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Austin Gunn: "Vince McMahon was always kicking us to kick us out of the WWE rings"

In recent years, one of the historic WWE stables has come back into vogue, namely the D-Generation X, both thanks to their introduction into the Hall of Fame, which arrived only a few years ago, and thanks to the fabulous online library of the WWE Network, thanks to which you can follow the events of some historical eras of WWF/E, such as the Attitude Era or the Golden Era of the company owned by Vince McMahon.

One of the protagonists of the marvelous DX, was Billy Gunn, an athlete now towards the avenue of the sunset of his career, who still struggles from time to time in the All Elite Wrestling rings, after having done this rudeness to the McMahon family, allying himself with the "enemy"

Along with Billy, his sons Austin and Colten also fight, with whom his father forms the Gunn Club. At the moment, Billy's role is practically to bring out the children as much as possible like Rey Mysterio is doing it with son Dominik, with whom he currently holds the Smackdown tag team titles.

Austin Gunn: "This is how Vince McMahon kicked us out of the WWE rings"

In his last interview, Billy's son Austin Gunn wanted to recall when he accompanied his father to work with his brother, telling the talk is Jericho, the podcast of the well-known WWE and AEW champion, how they used to have fun at the foot of the ring where his father was performing and saying,

"We used to accompany dad to shows a lot of times.

Dad used to take us a bit with him on the road, especially when it was summer and we didn't go to school for the holidays. All the time, we were messing around ringside and annoying everyone. So Vince McMahon would come in every time and kick us, kick us out.

Every time. We weren't allowed to see the show. Because the Attitude Era was in progress and my father went on TV and said things like 'suck' My mother, if she had a match, she would show us a little piece, but we were not allowed to see both of them anyway. hours of Raw in full."