*Spoiler*: Randy Orton brings a new finisher to Monday Night Raw

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*Spoiler*: Randy Orton brings a new finisher to Monday Night Raw

Throughout his career, Randy Orton has always used his famous and devastating RKO as a finisher to conclude his matches, the move that takes its name from his initials, which has always managed to make illustrious victims, especially as regards the sector of legends of the Stamford federation, given that Orton has always defined himself: Legend Killer.

In the course of some very particular situations, Orton also helped himself with another very dangerous finisher to conclude his disputes, we are obviously talking about the Punt Kick, a maneuver that had been banned for years and in the end then seemed to be back, but which he hasn't been seen for some time now even in the rings of Monday Night Raw.

Randy Orton "steals" Matt Riddle's finisher on Raw

After seeing the former US champion try to close his last match, last week with an RKO, with a clear gesture of relaxation towards his teammate, this time it was instead Orton's time to pay back the partner, going to conclude his match against Xavier Woods with the famous Bro-Derek.

Apparently, the chemistry between the two athletes seems to increase more and more, with Randy Orton and Riddle who continue to stage a very particular storyline on Monday Night Raw, which according to the fans will certainly lead to a clash between the two in the next.

future. We will see if, before this elusive split, the two will manage to reach important goals as a couple, such as the victory of the tag team titles of the red show or maybe even a single victory, for one of the two athletes, with the other that obviously looks over your shoulder.

Although this team was born from nothing, after weeks in which the BroMan went to tease the legendary The Viper of WWE, now this storyline seems to be one of the most interesting of all three hours of the McMahon-owned company's flagship show, a sign that many times even the most unlikely couples work wonders.