Jeff Jarett Praises Escobar and Believes He Will Be a Big Star

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Jeff Jarett Praises Escobar and Believes He Will Be a Big Star

Jeff Jarett recently gave an interview to Andrew Thompson on POST Wrestling, where he spoke about Escobar. According to Jeff, Escobar will be a huge star once he starts working for the main roster brand. Santos Escobar is the NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

Escobar used to work with Jeff Jarett in AAA.

Jeff Jarett Praised R-Truth and Escobar

“I’ve known him a long time but in 2017, I brought him to IMPACT, Global Force,” Jarrett said. “I brought him as a part of that.

He’s bilingual which is huge. He understands both psychologies. He’s got a family lineage, his father, so he obviously grew up in lucha libre. But he also understands the American style, and we’re buddies, we’re amigos but I cannot say enough good things about him as a performer.

The sky’s the limit for him. He’s very articulate in both languages and so, I really think in 2022 and I’ll just say this: A year from now when you bring up his name, I think me and you would have a different conversation.

I think the sky’s the limit for that guy and I couldn’t be happier for the opportunity that he’s getting today. I can see him being on the Raw and/or SmackDown roster sooner rather than later”. Jeff also praised R-Truth who was at one time one of WWE’s top wrestlers.

“It’s no secret me and Ronnie are buddies and always have been, always will be,” Jeff Jarrett said. “We’re tight. I mean he was NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion in the early days of TNA and he wanted to be a rapper first, so music is in his blood.

But at his very core, he’s a performer, he’s an entertainer and Ron’s a smart dude and as genetically gifted as he is and I’m not just talking about he doesn’t age, but his physical skillset is still, if not at the top of his game, it’s right up there.

But Ronnie also knows that it’s a young man’s game as well. So, to the flip side of that, we’ll call it a debate or argument or point is at Ronnie’s 20-year career, he’s still actively involved in a weekly episodic television show and this is a young man’s game.

So should he be in the quote-unquote world title picture, I.C. Title picture? No, probably not. But he is such a diverse character, he really gives back because if you’re in a pre-tape or a scene or a match with Ronnie and look how many people are in the 24/7 title (picture) and Ronnie’s character involvement.