Adam Pearce wants to have another go at Roman Reigns

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Adam Pearce wants to have another go at Roman Reigns

WWE Official Adam Pearce made interesting statements about his future on Givemesport microphones and spoke of a resounding possible return to the ring. Pearce has revealed that he may decide to revoke his long-announced retirement for a possible match against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

After 18 years of good activity in the ring, the 42-year-old had started a particular feud with Roman Reigns at the beginning of 2021 and even a match between the two had to be played at the Royal Rumble. Then thanks to a ploy Pearce was replaced and in his place, Kevin Owens became the wrestler's challenger.

Adam Pearce's words about Roman Reigns

Speaking with Oliver Browning Adam Pearce made it clear that he is very happy to be working in this WWE behind-the-scenes role. However, he did not close out a sensational return to the ring.

Here are his statements: "If someone were to come up to me tomorrow and say 'Let's go back to the Royal Rumble', well, I guess right now I wouldn't refuse it for any reason. I have to say it would have been incredible but it's not my priority and I didn't push for it to happen."

Pearce then went on to talk about that storyline with the WWE Tribal Chief: "I was happy to be a part of it, Roman and I have good chemistry in front of the camera, he was acting like a mafia boss and he does that role really well.

You can't teach chemistry between two people on screen, either it's there or it's not there but when we were fighting outside or inside the ring, it really felt like our conversations were real. It was really fun to do all this with him and Paul Heyman."

Since his return to SummerSlam, Roman Reigns has won the title and more by literally dominating the stage of Friday Night Smackdown and all of WWE and destroying any opponent who stood in his path.