Is WWE up for sale? Concern and doubts in the backstage

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Is WWE up for sale? Concern and doubts in the backstage

The recent release of some prominent WWE wrestlers and all the fans of the company were amazed by what happened and in these hours several incredible rumors were born regarding the real reason for these sensational releases in the company.

In fact, despite the pandemic dictated by the Covid-19 emergency, it has affected all of us and consequently also the world of wrestling thus leaving the shows without an audience and without the possibility of traveling, WWE has managed to have great income and be despite everything idle.

For this reason, WWE fans are wondering about the real reason for this choice and some sketch the possible and sensational hypothesis of sale of the most important wrestling company of this business followed by millions of fans.

Backstage thoughts about WWE releases

According to what was ascertained by Fightful Select by colleague Sean Ross Sapp, there were very few in the company to know about this news and they were all selected people. According to what is being reported, many people backstage and especially the wrestlers would have asked for clarification on the real reason for this release, which came like a bolt from the blue, and would be worried about what has happened and is happening within the company.

Regarding the rumors about a possible WWE sale, a former writer of the company highlighted how there would be several points that would lead to this possibility with the releases that could be WWE's way of maximizing profits before doing business with entities willing to bid.

reasonable. A company that lets go of no of this caliber sends a clear message of a revolution underway and of something really big that is in the works. Vince McMahon has mentioned in the past that WWE would be open to business and proposals if these were a great opportunity for all parties close to the company.

At the moment there are no further news but WWE fans, wrestlers and all the insiders are anxious and indeed waiting to understand what will happen to the future of the main wrestling company in the world.