Updates on if WWE still continue its roster cuts?

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Updates on if WWE still continue its roster cuts?

The latest sensational names, namely those of Braun Strowman, Lana and Aleister Black, have left fans, insiders and various colleagues literally with wide eyes and open mouths for a few seconds, because now in WWE nothing seems to be certain or sure, after the recent cuts.

Apparently, these new directives imposed by the McMahon family have also started rumors about the total sale of the company. While these rumors keep circulating, the rationale behind the company's decision to release such big names is thought-provoking.

And there have been several explanations that have been given about WWE's recent call. One of the few explanations that could have been behind the behavior of the Stamford-based federation, in fact, is that it is getting rid of all those expensive contracts that are no longer needed, to lighten the federation's coffers, thus becoming a more attractive company in case of sale.

At the moment it all remains just a big rumor, but the WWE apparently may not have finished its releases yet.

Will WWE continue to lay off in the coming weeks?

According to what was reported in the last hours by the now well-known journalist Andrew Zarian, who first reported the rumor that Summerslam would be held on Saturday, through the microphones of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, apparently, the WWE releases would only have begun.

The words of the overseas journalist were in fact falsified: "I would say that more cuts have been announced in the coming weeks... so let's expect more cuts." With the excuse of the usual cuts due to budget cuts, WWE could then return to firing several athletes and insiders, with a number of releases in the last year that has already exceeded 80 elements, both on-screen and off-screen.

In recent weeks, layoffs were also expected in NXT UK, which have not yet arrived, so it is possible that WWE still has to take care of that sector of its company.