Is Brock Lesnar's WWE return earmarked for SummerSlam?

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Is Brock Lesnar's WWE return earmarked for SummerSlam?

The references to Brock Lesnar during the last episode of Raw certainly did not fall on deaf ears. And in fact, in America, rumors have started spreading again about a return to the WWE rings that could occur soon. One of which is reported by one of the emerging names among overseas insiders.

In fact, it was Andrew Zarian who was the first to give the news of the return of the WWE on tour in July. Well, he himself confirmed an idea that is starting to meander among various fans: that Lesnar may already be present at SummerSlam.

"Brock Lesnar has long been in WWE's plans for SummerSlam, as the federation has been trying to do something with him for a while," explained the 'Mat Men Podcast' host. of Lesnar is to justify what we will pay between tickets and season tickets.

There is a great need to develop a more coherent schedule for WWE's imminent return on tour. This will be the cornerstone of the federation, so that we can build on this and those appearances by Lesnar more tickets sold at the box office, of course."

Is Brock Lesnar heading back to the WWE again?

Brock Lesnar's name was mentioned on Raw this week in segments with Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre. According to many insiders, this could represent a classic hint of his imminent return.

And in fact, Zarian has confirmed not only that Lesnar has actually been talked about at SummerSlam. He also wanted to clearly explain why WWE wanted to wait until the end of the health emergency (or at least the block of fans in the stands) to bring The Beast Incarnate back to their rings.

Zarian doubled his scoop by confirming the fact that Las Vegas is the city that will host SummerSlam. An indication that he explained he learned from "someone connected to the arena" some time ago. He also added that WWE public relations sent out a document with a list of cities being considered to host the show. This document, however, could have been released for the sole purpose of minimizing the chatter about Las Vegas.