Aleister Black on why he never won the US title

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Aleister Black on why he never won the US title

After the interminable news about the releases arrived in the further black day yesterday, when the WWE decided to terminate the contracts of several very important athletes of its main roster, also one of the directly affected by yesterday's layoffs, Aleister Black wanted to get several things off his chest, criticizing but also defending some of the WWE's choices over the years.

Black's name was certainly together with that of Braun Strowman, the one that left WWE Universe fans most shocked at the announcement of the releases since only a few weeks ago, he had reappeared after months and months of nothing on the company's TV screens.

by Stamford. Immediately after the call that communicated his dismissal, Aleister Black wanted to enter the Twitch channel of his wife, Zelina Vega, venting for several minutes with connected fans from all over the world, with thousands and thousands of comments that arrived at the address of the athlete, both supportive and critical.

Aleister Black tells why Vince McMahon refused his victory

Among the many arguments that came out in his live session on Twitch after his release, Aleister Black also recalled the situation in which the WWE decided to focus on him as the future champion of the United States of Monday Night Raw, with the athlete who in the end did not he received this honor due to the lack of audience from the arenas due to the pandemic.

Precisely on this topic, Black said: "There was a moment when I was expected to win, I think it was the US title, but in the end, Vince's last word was not to let me win it, if not before seeing the live audience again.

I think it was a great decision. He didn't want me to win without an audience. There are quite a few good stories, many have created great moments, so I can't be that negative." At the end of the session, Aleister Black also admitted that working for the McMahon-owned company for years also had its positives despite the terrible last year of its management.

Last year and release aside, therefore, Aleister Black said he was quite satisfied with his experience with McMahon, but now it's time to look to the future and what it will bring for him.