Kurt Angle On Teaming Up With His Brother in WWE

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Kurt Angle On Teaming Up With His Brother in WWE
Kurt Angle On Teaming Up With His Brother in WWE

WWE Legend, Kurt Angle recently spoke about a scrapped WWE plan. The plan was to make Kurt Angle team up with his brother inside the WWE. Kurt’s brother is Eric Angle. Eric appeared on WWE a few times to help Kurt when Kurt was working as a heel wrestler in WWE.

Eric made his WWE debut in 2000. He left the company in 2003. Eric actually helped Kurt beat the Undertaker once.

Kurt Angle on The Idea of Teaming Up With HIs Brother Eric

“My brother was getting it, he just wasn’t getting it as quickly as I did,” Angle said.

“I think the company was comparing him to me, but he was getting it, he was learning, he was improving dramatically. The unfortunate incident of him tearing his tricep; (he) tore the tendon right off the bone from his arm and he had to have surgery.

When he had the surgery, the doctor performed surgery the next day and my brother was in excruciating pain. He went back to the hospital and said ‘There’s something going on in my arm, I need to take this cast off’.

[The doctor] said ‘Don’t worry, it’s just from the surgery, the pain will go away,’ so the next day [my brother] went back to the hospital and said the same thing. They told him to go home, don’t worry about it, go rest.

The third day, [my brother] didn’t have a saw, and he wanted to saw off the cast himself so he went to the Home Depot and sawed off the cast." Then, Kurt Angle said, “What he did, he looked at the incision and there was a huge infection.

He pushed on the incision and all this yellow and red puss came out. He went directly to the hospital after the Home Depot and he said ‘Look, I told you there was an infection.’ The hospital to protect their ass and for liability said in the report that my brother sawed off his cast and got the infection by sawing off his cast.

You don’t get an infection in 10 minutes, he was at the Home Depot 10 minutes prior to when he went to the hospital and they did that to cover their ass and it ended my brother’s career. He couldn’t sue the doctor or the hospital, WWE let him go and thank god they paid for his surgery before they let him go which was pretty cool”.

Kurt Angle

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