Natalya and Tamina on Waiting For a Shot at the WWE Women’s Tag Titles

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Natalya and Tamina on Waiting For a Shot at the WWE Women’s Tag Titles

Even though Natalya is one of the most popular WWE superstars in the world right now, she has not been a part of any title storyline for a really long time. Natalya recently got her chance to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles with Tamina Snuka.

They recently appeared on Oral Sessions to talk about the opportunity. Natalya stated that it was worth the wait.

Natalya Tamina Speak About their WWE Women's Tag Titles' Win

“It’s not that we were never happy for other people that got opportunities,” Natalya said when asked how difficult it was to watch others pass by them.

“We were waiting for the right moment, we were waiting for the right time. Timing is really everything. I’m so grateful that everything happened the way it did, even though it was hard sometimes sitting back and being like ‘okay, when’s our time going to happen?’ Because I feel like somebody like myself and Tamina, especially Tamina, she was ready for the Women’s Evolution before it was ready for us.

She’s somebody that’s so different. She’s such a unique player in our division. “My husband, TJ (Tyson Kidd), he’d always talk about how great Tamina is. ‘She’s so strong, she’s so good, she’s so capable, she’s so unique, she’s such a beautiful person.’ I feel with Tamina, not that this a bad thing by any means, but she’s always been so kind and selfless and giving.

She’s been like the mama bear of the locker room. Sometimes in giving so much, she almost put herself less. And I was just like ‘you know what Tamina, this is your time. And we’re going to make this happen. This is your time to get in the front of the line.’ And to watch her really take shape and become the performer I know that she’s always been, and she’s now become a little bit more selfish.

It’s just so cool. There’s nobody more deserving”. Tamina then went on to say that she has always wanted others to succeed and always placed others before herself. That is one of the reasons why Tamina was never part of any serious storyline involving a title, until now.

“I feel like when you get to that point of always, you get what the company is about and you get what you’re role is sometimes,” Tamina said. “So when you kind of get stuck in that role of ‘this is what I’m going to be doing and this is how I’m going to be’, that was okay with me.

I want everybody to succeed. So if this person succeeds, I’m going to succeed; if this girl goes forward, I’m going to go forward. That’s the way I was thinking in my mentality. And I always felt like I will pick and choose my battles when I need to fight them. But then you go home and you’ve got to fight other battles with your kids, with your family”.