Roman Reigns and his particular refusal to appear in middle of the Smackdown cards

Roman Reigns' aura is something totally different in the WWE

by J. Anderson
Roman Reigns and his particular refusal to appear in middle of the Smackdown cards

The character WWE has been building entire episodes of Friday Night Smackdown on in recent months is undoubtedly its Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Since his return to Summerslam last year, it was understood how Roman could be the new face of a company very different from the past, how different his character began to be, with a sensational turn heel that arrived almost immediately and that then saw the Universal Champion also ally with Paul Heyman, thanks to whom he won the belt he still owns today.

With a reign already frighteningly long and deservedly solid, the WWE Tribal Chief would be reaping casualties upon casualties, taking out all sorts of adversaries that come his way, from Cesaro to Daniel Bryan, to Edge and Kevin Owens.

All of them annihilated by the Universal champion of the blue show, who found a faithful ally in his younger cousin Jey Uso, unlike his twin Jimmy, still very reluctant to help Roman after what happened last year.

Does Roman Reigns want to appear alone, or at the beginning or end of Smackdown?

As revealed in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it seems that Roman Reigns made a very particular and important creative request to the WWE management and that is to appear in front of Smackdown's cameras and on its rings, either at the end or at the beginning of the show and not in between.

This choice should be reviewed in the key of the importance of the character since usually the best part of the show is either at the beginning of the episode in question or in its main event, everything else that is at the center, usually, is a mere filler.

From Meltzer's words, we deduce: "You put the most important thing you have either at the beginning or at the end. This is the main topic of discussion now with Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns appears in fact both at the beginning and at the end.

end of the shows. He does not want to appear in any other segment, this is his strong point. He doesn't want to go anywhere else, if not as the first to appear, because ok, he is always the one who closes the show, which is preferable because he is the main event and therefore does not want to be second or fourth or in any case appear second to none." Since Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman are the main writers of their own characters, the two have free will on what to do during the episodes of Friday Night Smackdown and apparently, what emerged from the words of Dave Meltzer seems to be a rule by which not even WWE can escape in the last period.

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