Paul Heyman warns Rey Mysterio after Roman Reigns' attack on SmackDown

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Paul Heyman warns Rey Mysterio after Roman Reigns' attack on SmackDown

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, the Tribal Chief and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns intervened quite surprisingly in the match valid for the Tag Team Championship between the Usos and the reigning champions of the Mysterios and furiously attacked Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik.

The attack came out of nowhere and quite surprisingly, with the Usos themselves shocked by the anger of the company's Big Dog. Paul Heyman has been a longtime advisor to Roman Reigns and the one who helped the wrestler in this evolution has released a particular message to Rey Mysterio.

After Roman Reigns' attack, Paul Heyman's words for Rey Mysterio

After Reigns' attack on Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik it seems likely that the two will try to have revenge in the coming weeks but Heyman wanted to warn the Mexican-born wrestler: "Rey, you are a wrestling legend.

You introduced your son to this industry and now you find yourself up against the Tribal Chief. What happened last night was a whim, Roman is the head of the table and he stepped in because he felt his family was not being respected, but now I know you will come looking for revenge.

You still have to declare revenge on Roman and I tell you, don't. Please don't make this mistake, I don't shoot bullshit. Don't make the mistake that next time Roman Reigns won't have a strategy to attack you or your son Dominik."

Dominik is the one who has suffered the most heavily from the attacks of the WWE Universal Champion in SmackDown and in the last hours he is hypothesizing an act of revenge by Rey Mysterio. It is not clear but it is not excluded that in the next Pay Per View of Hell in A Cell there will be a titled match between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio and it would certainly give other interesting implications for what concerns the family.

Since his return to SummerSlam, Reigns has literally dominated all those who have stood in his path and now the Tribal Chief is looking for new opponents, maybe Rey Mysterio could be next on the list.