Sheamus gets nose surgery after getting injured on Raw

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Sheamus gets nose surgery after getting injured on Raw
Sheamus gets nose surgery after getting injured on Raw

In last week's episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired on 31st May, Sheamus was the protagonist of two matches, the first against Ricochet and the second instead with his opponent par excellence of the last period, Humberto Carrillo.

If in the first contest everything went smoothly, with the Celtic Warrior who was however defeated by the Mexican's distraction, which allowed Ricochet to win the contest, in the second clash that arose between the Celtic Warrior and Carrillo, something is not quite right.

went as it should. In a fortuitous clash between the young Humberto and the more experienced Irishman, Sheamus took a very bad blow to the nose, which broke his nasal septum, even starting to make him bleed profusely.

Sheamus shares the first picture after his nose operation

The veteran Sheamus continued to play, making it an integral part of the match, rubbing his own blood on the unfortunate opponent, telling him that he hadn't done anything to him, despite the latter's breaking his nose.

Obviously, after the match, Shaemus received the first treatment on-site by the WWE medical staff and finally was then operated on in the past few hours, to put the deviated nasal septum back in place. After suffering a blow he said he never hoped for anyone, the Irishman on Monday Night Raw had to go under the knife to get himself treated.

Recently, the former WWE Champion wanted to share with his fans and followers his condition. Sheamus' face still quite swollen and sore, after the operation that has reset everything and that he will now need a period of rest, before recovering completely.

Meanwhile, while Shaemus continues to recuperate from his freak injury, the latest episode of Monday Night Raw was staged. The event was the first since the exodus of wrestlers from the company who were forced to move out rather than leave out of their free will.

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