Drew McIntyre Talks About Bobby Lashley Praising Him

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Drew McIntyre Talks About Bobby Lashley Praising Him

Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley are two of WWE’s biggest stars. They have faced each other in the ring in the past. However, behind the scenes, they actually respect each other. Bobby Lashley is also a former amateur wrestler and he is a former MMA fighter.

He is one of the most legit fighters that WWE has. Even though he is quite old now, he still has plenty of matches left in the tank. He is also a very strong wrestler. Drew McIntyre was recently at Rasslin’ with Brandon F.

Walker. Over there, the host spoke about Lashley saying that Drew had inspired the WWE locker room to have more physical matches. Drew spoke about this.

Drew McIntyre Talks About Bobby Lashley Saying Nice Things About Him

“I never knew he said that, so it’s pretty cool that he said something nice about me,” admitted McIntyre.

“But, yeah. I’m always challenging our roster to step up, and I had been since before I won the title. But my big thing was not directly telling everybody, you know, do as I say, not as I do. I tried to lead through my actions and I made sure every single time I was in the ring, and I always wrestled this way, but in particular, now the WWE Champion is out there and he is laying everything in and he is bringing this believable style.

And if you’re in the ring with him you have to be able to step up to his standard, because if you don’t step up to my standard in that ring then I’ll eat you alive, quite frankly, inside that ring. “And it has brought the best out of a lot of people that I have wrestled.

It’s the same when you’re watching a Sheamus match, a Lashley match, a Drew McIntyre match, you know we’re going to bring the fight. Especially in that Performance Center when there are no fans there to kind of cover-up some superstars whose games were not exactly on point.

There was some daylight between other holes that you had to make sure all of your stuff was effective, snug, and believable for the people who watch wrestling in general, but especially for the new fans who are watching boxing and UFC, and they turn on WWE for the first time and it’s in the Performance Center.

You better have your stuff down really well, and turn it up. Because realistically also, you’re only wrestling one day a week now. It’s not four days a week, 52 weeks a year anymore. You get time to recover. You’re two grown-ass men.

Go out there and make them believe. That’s my mentality, and if it trickled down from the top then that’s fantastic, and it’s really cool that Bobby said that”.