Shawn Michaels on His Activities at NXT

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Shawn Michaels on His Activities at NXT
Shawn Michaels on His Activities at NXT

Shawn Michaels is a legendary WWE Superstar and he recently spoke about his activities at NXT UK. Shawn is actually a WWE Hall of Famer and he is considered by many to be one of the best WWE performers of all time. He was even called Mr.

WrestleMania at one time, and was part of the famous WWE group D’Generation X. Just like many legendary superstars of his time, Shawn started coaching after he finished his in-ring career. Shawn has so far not stated that he plans on returning to the ring.

He was also not happy with his last performance at a Crown Jewel event. On Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker, he spoke about his NXT activities.

Shawn Michaels on Working at NXT and Producing it

“Well first it started out as me coming in as just a coach,” recalled Michaels.

“Hunter was very open about, ‘Look, just stick your big toe in and see what you like, what you enjoy, and then we’ll go from there. And he did that knowing full well, he knows his friend like the back of his hand, before long that I would be all the way in and would want to be a part of absolutely everything that is NXT.

And that’s where we’re at four years later. “I produce the NXT UK brand. They have been very trusting in putting that in my hands. And I also do absolutely everything I can here with NXT domestic. Producing, directing, I absolutely help in every aspect that I can”.

The host then spoke about WALTER. The host stated that he sees a lot of potential in WALTER. Shawn took the opportunity to praise WALTER as well. However, he also stated that there are many other wrestlers in NXT that he actually likes.

“I will say this, there are a lot of them,” admitted Shawn Michaels. “And that is why, again, everyone sort of has their dream matches. There are always times where I see a lot of people, like Johnny Gargano, there are a number of guys, Adam Cole, WALTER, Finn Balor, a number of people you look at and think to yourself, ‘Man, if I was born just a little bit later that would’ve been really fun.’ Because there are just so many talented guys out there for me, personally, that would’ve been really interesting and fun to work with”.

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