*Spoiler* Jaxson Ryker changes appearance and presents himself with a distorted look

This week's Monday Night Raw had its fair share of surprises

by J. Anderson
*Spoiler* Jaxson Ryker changes appearance and presents himself with a distorted look

Despite the length, Monday Night Raw always turns out to be a great container of surprises, also given the number of characters that every week tread the most famous ring of the Stamford company, the WWE. This week, too, there have been big surprises, which among the fans of the WWE Universe have made a lot of changes, both for better and for worse.

After seeing the new top contenders for the couple titles of the red show, who came out of the particular Tag Team Battle Royal staged right in the ring of the red show and after also witnessing the signing of the match contract valid for the WWE Championship between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, another character is back to be talked about, simply by changing his look.

After weeks of bickering between Elias and his now-former bodyguard, Jaxson Ryker, WWE seems to have built a new feud between the two, with Ryker who immediately scored the first blow, right during the latest episode of the red show.

After spending several months alongside Elias, it seems that by now there is no good blood between Ryker and the WWE Drifter. In the episode of Raw tonight, the first match against each other of the two went on the air, with Ryker who saw fit to surprise Elias in his usual pre-match concert, going to attack him from behind and throwing away his famous guitar, away from the ring.

Jaxson Ryker "gives us a cut" and comes up with a new look

The thing that surprised the fans most in this short juncture, however, was the sudden change of Ryker, who decided to show up with a decidedly different haircut than usual and then presenting himself with short crew-cut hair and a beard.

much shorter. After having also changed ring attire, returning to fight in briefs and not with long jeans, as happened in recent months, Ryker has visibly changed his gimmick and his attitude, becoming now in all respects the babyface of the storyline.

In the end, it was Jaxson Ryker who won the match, only because Elias saw fit to be counted out, conceding the victory by count-out to his former bodyguard, who despite the victory was however embittered for not having put his hands on him. to his now arch-enemy, as he would have liked.

Jaxson Ryker Raw