Paul Heyman reveals: "Here are the two most underrated WWE stars"

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Paul Heyman reveals: "Here are the two most underrated WWE stars"

When we talk about Paul Heyman we are talking about one of the prominent men within the company, the one who led Brock Lesnar's rise within the company and the one who has served as an advisor in recent months helping the growth of the WWE Universal Champion.

Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief has seen his character change and since his return to SummerSlam, he has become a true ruler by crushing anyone who got in his way. In recent months, we've seen Reigns beat Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan and initially Jey Uso, a cousin who later sided with him.

With both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, the contribution of WWE's most important Mad Genius was fundamental.

Paul Heyman reveals: "Here are the two most underrated WWE stars"

During a recent appearance on Virtual Highspots Meet and Greets, Paul Heyman spoke about who he regards as the two most underrated superstars in WWE.

The well-known manager named both members of the Street Profits stating that both wrestlers are highly underrated compared to their true worth. Here are his words: "I think both answers are about Streets Profits. I don't think and I don't see them getting much credit for big shows, I don't think they've walked the ring they deserve yet.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are fantastic and when I see them together it's really just magical." Several times the Street Profits have publicly thanked Paul Heyman for the help he has given him and just recently the two declared that they both owe 'their lives' to Paul.

Here are their statements: "We mean we owe our goddamn life to Paul Heyman, guys. Both Angelo Dawkins and I more or less owe our lives to him, he has always been there and with us since day one and I remember our first meeting when he gave us so much of his knowledge and explained how most professional wrestling worked."