Aleister Black: "WWE canceled a storyline with me and The Undertaker"

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Aleister Black: "WWE canceled a storyline with me and The Undertaker"

After his release obtained overnight, without a minimum warning coming from the inside of the WWE, Aleister Black began after a few days of bewilderment to build his future, starting to book for some wrestling events, at the moment, however, only as a presence in meet & greet with fans.

Immediately after the announcement of his release, Aleister Black had entered like a hurricane on the Twitch channel of his wife, Zelina Vega, giving his version of the facts and letting off steam after months of inactivity arrived at the hands of the WWE.

After seeing him again on stage in the Smackdown rings, very serious plans were planned for him against Big E, the former Intercontinental Champion of the blue show, which apparently was canceled overnight, at the behest of the WWE Chairman himself, Vince McMahon.

Aleister Black tells of the feud with The Undertaker he never had

In his latest interview with Oral Sessions, Aleister Black, who has now returned to be called Tommy End, also wanted to return to an argument that fans like a lot, namely his twinning with the dark character of The Undertaker.

Aleister Black said, "One of the best choices they had for me was that moment when I should have a match against AJ Styles and one of the possible chances was that I would go against him, somehow at Wrestlemania.

It all came during one of my matches against AJ Styles, where The Undertaker appeared and helped me, saving me from the Good Brothers. One of the choices was precisely to include all of us in Wrestlemania, it had already been in the air for some time.

So, it had to be AJ and Taker and in the end, the Good Brothers would come in and I would go in to help Undertaker. Just the fact that they considered this, wow! It makes me really happy. Another of Paul Heyman's ideas was to have Samoa Joe or Brock Lesnar come into my room when I was doing promos in my personal room and have interactions with me, Brock Lesnar or Samoa Joe.

I would do my promo in the room and Lesnar would walk in in the dark, in the darkness and strangle me or whatever."