Johnny Gargano: "I was inspired by Evolution for creating The Way"

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Johnny Gargano: "I was inspired by Evolution for creating The Way"

For months now, the Gargano couple has been carrying on a stable that started only with the two of them as a power couple and then expanded to four members with two young talents: Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory. This stable at NXT is working very well and creating some crazy opportunities for the four.

But like all things in the wrestling world, there is always a starting point and for Johnny Gargano, it was the historic Evolution stable, formed by Triple H, Batista, Ric Flair and Randy Orton. Interviewed by journalist Ryan Satin in his podcast “Out Of Character”, the former North American Champion talked about how the stable The Way was created, in particular how he was inspired by Evolution.

Johnny Gargano takes inspiration from Evolution to create The Way

“I felt I needed to change. Hunter (Triple H) felt the same way. The idea originally came with 'And what about Candice?' She felt that way too and we thought together that being a duo would renew both of us."

Then he went on to talk about the various roles: “Then came the idea of ​​doing the Gargano Way and that a faction would be a cool thing. I came up with the idea of ​​Evolution. Austin Theory is a guy I worked with on EVOLVE and I came up with the idea of ​​him as my Hunter's Randy Orton and that I could help him improve and feel comfortable while giving him a spot in the spotlight.

Indi is someone we were very fans of and compared her to Dave Batista. […] We compared these on-screen characters to Evolution to give them a platform to grow and feel comfortable. It worked wonders for Indi and Austin”.

Then Johnny Gargano concluded his speech by saying that he is proud of these two guys because they are very talented, have grown a lot and will be stars of the company for a long time.