Nick Aldis Comments on Mickie James WWE Release

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Nick Aldis Comments on Mickie James WWE Release

Nick Aldis is a popular NWA star and he recently spoke about Mickie James being released by WWE. Nick currently holds the NWA Heavyweight World Champion and has worked for many indie game promotions. Nick’s wife is Mickie James.

Mickie is actually considered a WWE legend. She was part of many important WWE storylines that helped put women to the top during the 2000s, way before the Women’s Revolution started. Nick stated that he was sad on It’s Our House Podcast when he learned that she was released.

Nick Aldis Speaks About Mickie James Being Released by WWE

“That’s just part of the game,” Aldis said of the release. “You know if you’re gonna go to WWE you just need to be prepared for the good and the bad.

It’s like you kind of jump on the roller coaster and holds on for dear life, it’s just sort of like that. That’s the big-time, you know what I mean? Everyone knows it now, it shouldn’t come as any sort of major shock.

“Certainly I don’t want to speak on her behalf, but I think the frustration was more from how poorly used she was and I think most people kind of know who was responsible for that. And it’s just like, that’s sad.

So that was like, nobody wins. They don’t really think about the fans. But at the same time, right away I got excited about the idea of her being able to be herself again and started thinking about potential matchups that we can help promote in our own way, on our own time and give it the stage it deserves”.

Many people think that Mickie’s last run in the WWE was very bad. She was not treated as a WWE Legend and she lost most of the matches she competed in. She was also not involved in any important storylines. She joined WWE again a few years ago after she left Impact Wrestling, where she had a fantastic career.

After coming to WWE, she was put once in a title picture against Alexa Bliss. However, after that, she could never get the push that many thought that she deserved. Mickie James was with Nick Aldis when they both worked for Impact Wrestling, which was previously known as TNA.

Over there, Mickie did not always compete in the ring, but she was part of almost all storylines in which Nick was involved.